read 2021

READ 2021 Challenge

Have you made your reading resolution yet? Ascension Parish Library is here to help with the Read 2021 Challenge. This year-long reading challenge is an opportunity to move beyond the authors, genres, and formats you typically read, get outside of your comfort zone, and have fun with your reading list. We have selected 24 book prompts for the year and will reveal two prompts each month. You can participate by reading a book from one or both of the categories each month. Will you accept the challenge?

read 2021

October Challenge: Discover a Classic

Read a classic you haven't read before. What is a classic? Some say a book must be of high artistic quality to be a classic. Others say it must make a significant contribution to literature. For the purposes of this challenge, you should consider choosing a book that has lasting value and appeal within its genre or style. And it's up to you to determine if your choice is a classic. This month, we challenge you to read a classic you haven't read before. Find recommendations for adults, teens, tweens, and kids.

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February Challenge: History Buff

Read historical fiction not set during World War II. Many of us are drawn to the fascinating narratives of people who lived, fought, and triumphed during World War II, and the publishing world reflects that widespread interest. For this historical fiction challenge, we're asking you to explore different narratives and time periods. We hope this challenge will help you discover a new era in history! Find recommendations for adults, teens, tweens, and children.