read 2021

READ 2021 Challenge

Have you made your reading resolution yet? Ascension Parish Library is here to help with the Read 2021 Challenge. This year-long reading challenge is an opportunity to move beyond the authors, genres, and formats you typically read, get outside of your comfort zone, and have fun with your reading list. We have selected 24 book prompts for the year and will reveal two prompts each month. You can participate by reading a book from one or both of the categories each month. Will you accept the challenge?

read 2021

March Challenge: Read Excellence

Awards for literary excellence are given out yearly in the library and publishing worlds. Some, like the National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, Newbery and Caldecott Awards, are familiar. Others, like the Goodreads Choice Awards and the Book Shimmy Awards might be less so. This month, we challenge you to read a book that has won a literary award, no matter how obscure. Find recommendations for adults, teens, tweens, and children, or check out our list of literary awards.

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K-Pop Starter Kit

K-Pop is a genre of pop music out of South Korea that has become so popular it now has a global audience. According to NPR's guide to getting into K-Pop, it is “a maximalist dreamland full of color, high concept performances and videos, a plethora of performers and unrivaled choreography.” Whether you’re a K-Pop expert or a newbie, this list will get you going with books and music from our library. Curated by Stephanie Mayeux.