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Explore Earth’s Extinct Worlds

Imagine a balmy Antarctica populated with human-size penguins, or skies filled with flying reptiles as big as giraffes. These books offer a glimpse into alien worlds: not on another planet, but buried deep in Earth's history. From the emergence of ammonites and trilobites to dinosaurs and mammoths, they delve into the deep time that created our modern world and offer clues about what awaits our world in the future. Curated by Ashley Lewis.


Lost Souls and Benevolent Spirits

When you think of ghost stories, you probably think of the vengeful spirits featured in horror novels, but these aren't the only ghost stories out there. Sometimes, the ghosts are simply lost, stuck, confused, or desperate to protect someone still living. These stories for all ages feature benevolent spirits that won't have you hiding under the covers. Curated by Tabor Millien.

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Health & Wellness Information for Teens

A comprehensive database that allows teens (and those who care about teens) to research health-related issues important to their well-being. Internet and Social Media I Have Been Shamed on the Internet, Now What? by Tamra Orr Using Social Media Responsibly by Emma Huddleston Social networking: staying safe in the online worldby Jennifer Lombardo Combatting Internet… Continue reading Health & Wellness Information for Teens