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Fun with Formatting

The books that make up this list all have unconventional formats, combining great story-telling with eye-catching visuals or mind-engaging tactics, such as pictures formed by the text, explosions of font to draw your eye, sections of text you need to re-orient the book in order to read, pages styled as different types of documents, or a narrative you can read through multiple different ways. Although some of these books are available in electronic forms, we suggest reading the hard copies for the full formatting effect! Curated by Tabor Millien.  

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

"In 1978, a joint congressional resolution established Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. The first 10 days of May were chosen to coincide with two important milestones in Asian/Pacific American history: the arrival in the United States of the first Japanese immigrants (May 7, 1843) and contributions of Chinese workers to the building of the transcontinental railroad, completed May 10, 1869. In 1992, Congress expanded the observance to a month-long celebration that is now known as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month." (US Census Bureau) This list celebrates new books by Asian American and Pacific Islander authors. Curated by Ashley Lee.

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May Challenge: Back from the Past

The greatest stories are the ones that last and resonate with new generations of readers. While there are differing opinions about which books should be considered classics, books that were written before you were born can carry a certain nostalgia for a different time period. So, use this challenge to explore the past or share books from your childhood with your children. In May, we challenge you to read a book that was published before you were born. Find recommendations for adults, teens, tweens, and children.

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Hidden Gems

Looking for new authors? These authors each have a short list of published books, making it easy to binge-read their work. These authors have burst onto the scene with engaging, thought-provoking, and powerful narratives that are sure to leave you wondering when their next books will hit our shelves. Curated by Tabor Millien.