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In the Land of Unicorns

Humans have been fascinated by the fantastical creature known as the unicorn for centuries. According to some lore, unicorns are magical creatures whose horns are said to have healing powers. From finding unicorns in our world to visiting other lands they occupy, you can read a story featuring unicorns in celebration of our Tails and Tales 2021 Summer Reading Program. Check out the Fun with Unicorns collection on hoopla for ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming movies. Curated by Samantha Matherne.

book covers for fun with formatting

Fun with Formatting

The books that make up this list all have unconventional formats, combining great story-telling with eye-catching visuals or mind-engaging tactics, such as pictures formed by the text, explosions of font to draw your eye, sections of text you need to re-orient the book in order to read, pages styled as different types of documents, or a narrative you can read through multiple different ways. Although some of these books are available in electronic forms, we suggest reading the hard copies for the full formatting effect! Curated by Tabor Millien.