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Oceans of Possibilities: Kids’ Books

Dive into an Ocean of Possibilities this summer at APL! Sign up today for our summer reading program, check out the fin-tastic performers we’ll have, and bookmark all the whale-y awesome activities we’ve planned. Seas the day and read some ocean-themed books! Curated by Bonita Bignar.

Ocean: Number Find by Charles Reasoner
board book
Hoopla eBook
Freading eBook
The Ocean: Number Find board book provides the perfect way to introduce reading in your home.

Children will sharpen their counting skills as they look for animals in the ocean. This book engages early learners by using short, simple language and colorful illustrations.

The Ocean Story by John Seven 
Hoopla eAudiobook
Freading eBook
The story of the ocean is as old as the earth itself. Over-fishing, pollution, and oil spills have highlighted the need to take better care of our oceans so that the story can continue to be told. With poetic, lyrical text and gorgeous illustrations, this book will introduce the ocean story to the youngest listeners and offer a platform for questions and discussion from older readers.

Ocean Animals by Anton Poitier 
Like the other titles in the Flippy Floppy series, this book has overlapping flaps, hidden pictures and surprises! Lift each flap in turn to discover something unexpected! Readers have fun and enhance their pre-reading skills as they reveal the different sea creatures. 

Field Trip to the Ocean Deep by John Hare 
Come join the fun as students take a submarine bus on a field trip to explore the ocean deep, in this wordless picture book from the creator of Field Trip to the Moon!

Students dressed in deep sea helmets travel to the ocean deep in a yellow school-bus submarine. When they get there, they frolic with fish, chase luminescent squid, and discover an old shipwreck.

But when it’s time to return to the submarine bus, one student lingers to take a photo of a treasure chest and falls into a deep ravine. Luckily, the child makes an unexpected friend– a maybe-not-so-extinct sea creature called a Pleiosaur- that’s happy to entertain the young explorer until the teacher returns.

Curious George Discovers the Ocean by Bethany V. Freitas 
Like The Magic School Bus for a younger set, this new series is all about discovery, adventure, and having fun with learning! Come along as George explores life under the sea and learns all about the coral reef and the plants and creatures living near the ocean floor. This adventure is packed to the brim with additional science facts, real photos, experiments, activities, and more!

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor by Joanna Cole 
Hoopla eAudiobook
When Ms. Frizzle drives the Magic School Bus full speed ahead into the ocean, the class takes a submarine expedition that’s anything but ordinary. With a well-meaning lifeguard in tow, the class takes a deep breath and learns about hot water vents, coral reefs, plant and animal life on the ocean floor, and more!

The Young Man and the Sea by Rodman Philbrick 
OverDrive eAudiobook
Twelve-year-old Skiff Beaman’s mom just died, and his fisherman dad is too depressed to drag himself off the couch and go to work. So these days Skiff has to take care of everything himself. But when his dad’s boat sinks, Skiff discovers it will cost thousands to buy a new engine. Skiff’s lobster traps won’t earn him enough, but there are bigger fish in the sea — bluefin tuna. If he can catch one of those monster fish, Skiff just might save the boat — and his family. 

The Octonauts and the Great Ghost Reef by Meomi 
Hoopla eBook
In their fourth adventure, the Octonauts travel to a large reef city where they discover this bustling destination has turned into a ghost town! The once colorful coral has turned an eerie white and homes lay empty. So, the crew visit different reef ‘neighborhoods’ from mangrove forests to seagrass meadows, searching for clues. Can they solve the mystery of the great ghost reef?

Oceans and Seas by Nicola Davies 
The world of science has never been so accessible to young readers! Science Kids books offer a learning experience that kids, parents, and teachers are sure to love. The lively and engaging text explains the basic principles of favorite science subjects. Illustrations and stunning photography zoom in on interesting details, and fun projects encourage further learning.

Who Was Jacques Cousteau? by Nico Medina 
OverDrive eBook
Jacques Cousteau is the most famous and beloved name in the world of deep-sea exploration. Cousteau discovered his passion in 1938, when he first used a pair of goggles to dive off the coast of France. During his time as a French naval officer, he carried out many deep-sea experiments and improved upon early diving equipment. Soon, Cousteau began filming his underwater excursions and offering the world a glimpse below the surface. The documentary television series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau made the man, his work, and his red cap famous throughout the world.

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